im looking for a new compiler to use to replace my old one, jEdit. i've used jEdit for a while, but it lacks a "compile" ability so all i can do is type the code then save it as, say, a c++ file or an html file, with no way to see if the c++ code will work. does anyone know of a compiler/text editor with the versatility of jEdit but with a c++ compiler built in it? thanks.

battousai out.
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Cyber Terrorism Resources???

I haven't seen a post here in a good while, so I figured I'd make one, and it's something that I've been milling over for awhile anyway.

Cyber Terrorism - Does anyone here have any opinions/resources on it? I haven't really researched a whole lot about it, of course I've done a couple of google searches but that's about it. I'm wondering if you guys think it's a real threat or not and why or why not you feel it is or isn't a threat.

I'm kind of stuck on the whole thing, I'm just now getting out of a computer interest slump that started when my girlfriend dumped me. (Eh. It happens I guess.) But...yeah, I just want to know if anyone has any information on it, what they think, and things like that - I like discussions and this community seems to be itching for one. :)

A better way?

1 - Go to http://www.altavista.com/audio/
2 - Unclick everything but .MP3 and select >1 minute for the duration.
3 - Type in the name of your favorite songs (one per search :P )
4 - Look/check the directories those songs are contained in to see if they are open

Anything rooted in a domain that matches the song/group/artist/theme of the song is not a good bet. Look for domains that look like they are personal websites and .edu websites are usually good bets. The path/url of the .mp3 can also be suggestive of an open directory - if the path is /mymusic/goodmusic/BoA-Duvet.mp3 then odds are the directory is open. The vast majority of people either forget to put up dummy index files or don't realize that audio media can be found via search engines.

Anyways, I understand that this isn't hacking (which makes sense considering that I am not a hacker) ...but this isn't exactly the kind of thing that I can ask to a regular computer interest group. Does anyone have a better method of finding open directories containing audio? Is there a google command that will search for open directories or audio media extensions? I think I remember reading something years ago saying that google won't do audio because it finds open directories too often and thus helps violate copyrights... so the odds of this are kind of slim... but then again, I remember TONS of things that never happened so maybe they didn't say that. So anyways, does anyone know a better method? This is a really, really, really awsome way of finding really, really, really awsome music.

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(no subject)

Name::: Anthony
Age::: 19
Are you certified in any core certifications::: ...
Arcades or in home intertainment::: computers?
Do you watch anime::: Yes
Education::: In college
Favourite book::: Choke
Favourite console game:::
Favourite computer game:: FFXI
Favourite Lan beverage::: Water
How many years have you been online:: 8
How many years have you been on LJ::: 2-3?
Shooters or RPGs::: Massive multiplayer online RPGs
Sex::: Male
Whats your favourite technology invention::: SPARC CPU architecture
What do you like to do on computers::: research explotation techniques, learn architectures and communitcate
What kind of internet connection do you have::: cable@home, t1@work
What operating system are you using::: NetBSD, Gentoo Linux, Plan9, WinXP
What resolution do you run at::: 1280x1024
What do you hope to see discussed in this community::: general everything stuff, FFXI, explotation, security,
What are you interested in--
~Processors ::: I like learning different architectures like SPARC and IA-32 Intel
~Overclocking ::: used to
~Web Development ::: been doing it for 5 years+ (shoot me please)
~Networking ::: Security
~PDAs ::: nice to have one
~3D Video Cards ::: ATI 9800 pro
~Laptops ::: nice to have one
~Programming ::: C and assembly
~Computer Gaming ::: FFXI that's about it
~Linux ::: Bloated insecure OS but aren't they all...
~Building PCs ::: Sure
~Research ::: Explotation tech., code auditing, OS penetration, Grid computation
Where did you hear about this community::: searched

(no subject)

Name::: chad
Age::: 1666
Are you certified in any core certifications::: a+?
Arcades or in home intertainment::: xbox,ps2,comp,n64,gameboy SP
Do you watch anime:::some times, but im no anime fan boy or nothing
Education:::10th grade homeschool gettin my GED next year..
Favourite book:::penthouse
Favourite console game:::gah...couldnt decide..zelda:ocarina/metel gear solid/halo
Favourite computer game::Counter-Strike(im in cal-im),Warcraft3
Favourite Lan beverage:::BAWLS.
How many years have you been online::5
How many years have you been on LJ:::2
Shooters or RPGs:::both.
Whats your favourite technology invention:::the router.
What do you like to do on computers:::game and the ocasional exploiting a phpbb bug.
What kind of internet connection do you have:::cable near T1
What operating system are you using:::Windows XP home..
What resolution do you run at:::1024x768
What do you hope to see discussed in this community:::stuff
What are you interested in--
~Processors ::: pent4 3.0 HT with 3mb L2 cache
~Overclocking :::meh, no need
~Web Development :::no thx
~Networking :::gives me a headache
~PDAs :::negative
~3D Video Cards :::at the moment i have a xfx geforce fx5700LE 256MB ddr getting a geforce 9800ultra or GT for xmas
~Laptops :::blow
~Programming :::ocasionally
~Computer Gaming :::24/7
~Linux :::no
~Building PCs :::i <3 to
Where did you hear about this community:::me