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A better way?

1 - Go to http://www.altavista.com/audio/
2 - Unclick everything but .MP3 and select >1 minute for the duration.
3 - Type in the name of your favorite songs (one per search :P )
4 - Look/check the directories those songs are contained in to see if they are open

Anything rooted in a domain that matches the song/group/artist/theme of the song is not a good bet. Look for domains that look like they are personal websites and .edu websites are usually good bets. The path/url of the .mp3 can also be suggestive of an open directory - if the path is /mymusic/goodmusic/BoA-Duvet.mp3 then odds are the directory is open. The vast majority of people either forget to put up dummy index files or don't realize that audio media can be found via search engines.

Anyways, I understand that this isn't hacking (which makes sense considering that I am not a hacker) ...but this isn't exactly the kind of thing that I can ask to a regular computer interest group. Does anyone have a better method of finding open directories containing audio? Is there a google command that will search for open directories or audio media extensions? I think I remember reading something years ago saying that google won't do audio because it finds open directories too often and thus helps violate copyrights... so the odds of this are kind of slim... but then again, I remember TONS of things that never happened so maybe they didn't say that. So anyways, does anyone know a better method? This is a really, really, really awsome way of finding really, really, really awsome music.

Name::: Karl
Age::: 21
Are you certified in any core certifications::: I can barelly tie my shoes and you want to know if I have certifications?!
Arcades or in home intertainment::: Intertai sounds like some kind of stirfry
Do you watch anime::: Instead of sleeping at night I just watch Serial Experiments: Lain all the way through - other than that though, not so much.
Education::: Not enough college to be important
Favourite book::: The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Favourite console game::: Probably Secret of Evermore, but I'm not completely sure.
Favourite computer game:: X-Com: U.F.O. Defense
Favourite Lan beverage::: Lain??? *perks up*
How many years have you been online:: Well, I spend ~13 hours online a day and I have been online since I was 15 or so... and I am 21 now... so, I guess... ((((21-15)*(365*11))/24)/365) ... ... ...YOU DO THE FRIKKIN MATH, IM NOT HERE TO DO MATH.
How many years have you been on LJ::: No more math questions.
Shooters or RPGs::: RPGs - I'm not big on the ultraviolence... I mean, I became a vegetarian not for religious reasons, but because I would start crying whenever I ate the poor animals... some would say that means I have emotional problems, but I mean, can you imagine getting all ripped apart and EATEN after some short horrible existence? And I mean, you can tell it is a frikkin leg when you bite into it!!! Here is Karl's rule of eating things: If thinking about what it is makes you not want to eat it, then you shouldn't eat it. If the truth isn't appetizing then something is wrong...
Sex::: *giggles*
Whats your favourite technology invention::: Truth-values
What do you like to do on computers::: *giggles*
What kind of internet connection do you have::: I heard the sound of a dial-up modem connecting a few years ago and I started crying right there on the spot. (been on cable for years)
What operating system are you using::: XP is fine for me
What resolution do you run at::: 1024x768 (My Desktop)
What do you hope to see discussed in this community::: Hmm....... how much everyone loves me and will let me live in their basement and never work but just play on the computer and write and figure things out and how some girl who is a beautiful hacker goddesses wants to marry me. You asked, chum.
What are you interested in-- Metaphysics... I am very, very, very lonely.
~Processors ::: AMD Athlon
~Overclocking ::: No way... I would have to be a sadist - computer burns lap enough as it is...
~Web Development ::: Is that even asking anything?
~Networking ::: Mmmmmm.... humanity minus the bad smells.
~PDAs ::: NO
~3D Video Cards ::: no
~Laptops ::: YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
~Programming ::: :-/
~Computer Gaming ::: >=O NOOOoooo.. wait, YES! I am making an massive online tick-based strategy game.
~Linux ::: Uh, well... I like free
~Building PCs ::: Assembling? I know where the headphones go!!!
Where did you hear about this community::: the lj interest searchfunction told me
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