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hey, i'm a newb

Name::: Rebecca
Age::: 19
Are you certified in any core certifications::: A+ and Cisco certified
Arcades or in home intertainment::: in home
Do you watch anime::: Yep, all time favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Furi Kuri, Evangelion, and Gundam Wing
Education::: GED, college soon
Favourite book::: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Favourite console game::: Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Favourite computer game:: Any Flight Sim
Favourite Lan beverage::: Bawls Soda, or just plain coffee
How many years have you been online:: 8
How many years have you been on LJ::: Off and on for a few years
Shooters or RPGs::: RPG's all the way
Sex::: F
Whats your favourite technology invention::: The Internet
What do you like to do on computers::: Surf the net, view html sources, read about up and coming technologies
What kind of internet connection do you have::: Cable
What operating system are you using::: Currently win2k pro, but have used Linux Redhat 8.0 as well
What resolution do you run at::: 1024X786
What do you hope to see discussed in this community::: anything computer/technology related
What are you interested in--
~Processors ::: big AMD fan
~Overclocking ::: some experience
~Web Development ::: still learning
~Networking ::: plenty of experience
~PDAs :::
~3D Video Cards ::: nvidia fan
~Laptops ::: want an ibook
~Programming ::: some experience
~Computer Gaming ::: mostly flight sims.. no good at shooters
~Linux ::: some experience
~Building PCs ::: tons of experience
Where did you hear about this community::: looked it up under interests
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