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Hello, I'm pYrOgUe. I belong to geek_luv and I own you_wish_anime. I am a part-time web designer/developer and I also work in a bookstore mainly in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I will be attending college in the Fall to begin earning a degree in Business Management with a Global Concentration and a minor in Accounting/Finance. I am really pleased to see another geek community :)

*I really love Carcassonne! I am looking for a new non-computer game to play along the same lines, any ideas?

Name::: Lauren/pYrOgUe
Sex::: Female
Age::: 17
Are you certified in any core certifications::: Not yet...
Arcades or in home intertainment::: In home - I hate people
Do you watch anime::: YES! and I own an Anime Review LJ Community
Education::: going to college in the Fall
Favorite book::: "Brave New World" or "1984"
Favorite console game::: Animal Crossing
Favorite computer game:: Spellforce
Favorite Lan beverage::: JOLT
How many years have you been online:: 5 years
How many years have you been on LJ::: 3 years
Shooters or RPGs::: RPGs! I love Dungeons & Dragons!
Whats your favorite technology invention::: the laser keyboard
What do you like to do on computers::: play games, develop & design websites, chat, surf the web, make icons...
What kind of internet connection do you have::: DSL
What operating system are you using::: Windows XP :(
What resolution do you run at::: 800 x 600 on the family machine and 1024x768 on my machines
What do you hope to see discussed in this community::: anime, strategy games, LAN partying...anything geeks find amusing
What are you interested in--
~Processors ::: only if they come out with something faster that is still stable
~Overclocking ::: no
~Web Development ::: YES! I spend half my week do that kind of stuff
~Networking ::: Yes! I helped network my high school and I was the 'go to Tech girl' for it
~PDAs ::: no, i still like to use paper planners
~3D Video Cards ::: indeed!
~Laptops ::: hate them, but college says I need one, so I got one :(
~Programming ::: Kinda...I took C++
~Computer Gaming ::: YES! YES! YES!
~Linux ::: Kinda...I've been trying to switch...
~Building PCs ::: YES!
Where did you hear about this community::: geek_luv
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