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I'm n3w to the community! w00t! ^_^

Name::: Jenna
Age::: 17...next month
Are you certified in any core certifications::: not yet, but I'm working on it ;D
Arcades or in home intertainment::: doesn't matter, but I prefer DDR in the arcade
Do you watch anime::: yup!
Education::: Senior in HS
Favourite book::: "Angels and Demons" by: Dan Brown AND "Sophie's World" by: Jostein Gaarder
Favourite console game::: GTA 3 & Vice City
Favourite computer game:: Counter Strike
Favourite Lan beverage::: tie between AMP and BAWLS
How many years have you been online:: dunno?
How many years have you been on LJ::: not even a year; used to have a blog that I started when I was a Freshman in HS, joined LJ, and ditched the blog
Shooters or RPGs::: doesn't matter
Sex::: Female
Whats your favourite technology invention::: mp3 player
What do you like to do on computers::: updating LJ, AIM, searching information, gaming, programming, webdesign, graphic design, downloading music
What kind of internet connection do you have::: cable modem
What operating system are you using::: Windows XP, Linux Knoppix
What resolution do you run at::: 1280x1024
What do you hope to see discussed in this community::: anything and everything dealing with computers!
What are you interested in--
~Processors ::: yup
~Overclocking ::: meh
~Web Development ::: yay!
~Networking ::: yes
~PDAs ::: don't have one >_<;
~3D Video Cards ::: woot!
~Laptops ::: i want one!
~Programming ::: hope to learn more - only know java as of now :P
~Computer Gaming ::: lots of fun, especially at LAN parties!
~Linux ::: so much better than Windows & Mac
~Building PCs ::: haven't really done it, but it looks fun
Where did you hear about this community::: LJ search
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